An Exceptional Commercial Portfolio

Downtown International has an exceptional portfolio of commercial rentals to ensure our clients have access to grade A commercial spaces within the locations they require. We understand the complexity in leasing commercial property and have the necessary experience to guide each tenant through negotiations and the contractual formalities.

Optimum Rental Locations

Downtown International sources optimum properties in the most sought after locations and buildings within downtown locations. We understand the importance of location for your business premises and how this is a direct reflection of the products and services which are offered. Rest assured your clients will be impressed.

Grade A Commercial Spaces

Downtown International commands the very best in commercial real estate listings due to our reputation and forged relationships with commercial property owners. We can therefore offer a range of prestigious grade A commercial spaces which business owners can be proud of.

Contractual Formalities

Downtown International can assist in lease term negotiation and the preparation of all relevant documentation and contractual formalities particularly with the local authorities. It is a vital process in securing your commercial premises and it is imperative that it is done correctly to secure the position of your business.